I grew up in Brighton where my whole family still lives. I’ve always been close to my sisters and my brother, we all have children and were lucky enough to have been able to support each other during our pregnancies, births, postnatally and beyond. Being present at the births of my nieces and nephews was incredible and so inspiring, it left me with a strong desire to become a doula. I discovered the importance of being continuously supported and nurtured during labour, experiencing first hand the positive difference this can make to birth outcomes.

I am truly inspired by the transformative power of birth and I want to help people to have confidence and belief in their body’s abilities. I think there is often too much fear and negativity surrounding childbirth and that we are capable of far more than we are conditioned to believe.

I believe that with the support of a doula you will feel you have choice and control over your body and your birth. I will be there to keep the oxytocin flowing by making sure you feel safe, loved, supported and listened to. It is your birth and you should own it!

Outside of my doula work I love running, cycling, walks with my dog, camping, eating delicious food, a bit of yoga and big family get-togethers!

I completed my training with Nurturing Birth in June 2021 and I have regular mentoring sessions with an experienced Nurturing Birth doula. I have also completed a breastfeeding support training programme run by the Breastfeeding Network. I feel it is important to continue to develop my practice, which I am doing by keeping up to date with research and attending new courses to expand my knowledge and develop my skills.